What are your symptoms

People come to see us for many difference reasons and we have a range of treatment options that we can tailor to suit your needs. Some people come to us because they fatigued, stressed or anxious. Others suffer from terrible allergies or debilitating pain. Whatever the conditions is, we will discover the treatment options best suit to you.

Listed below we have some of the more common conditions that we treat at the centre.

Click on the links to read more information on each condition and learn how we can help you to overcome those issues.

Allergies, Sinusitis & Hayfever

Breathing is something that most of us take for granted, and yet millions of respiratory allergy sufferers struggle to breathe through congested sinuses or tight, constricted lungs it is important to checkout what are your symptoms. We take over 20,000 breaths every day, and our respiratory tract represents a huge area of interaction with our environment. Read more about how we can help with allergy suffering...click here.


Anxiety is a natural, normal response to perceived threats, which puts your body into a heightened state of awareness.

At times anxiety is beneficial and can keep you out of harm's way… the anxiety you may feel while you perceive a danger like heights or fire for instance, will cause you to be more careful in your movements.

What are your symptoms

For many people however, anxiety may occur even when there's no real threat, causing unnecessary stress and emotional pain. While many believe anxiety and stress to be the same, constant anxiety sets up a different experience in your brain. Read more about how we can help with anxiety...click here.

Bloated tummy, IBS, IBD

In Australia 70% of people say digestive concerns negatively impact their lives every single day.  Many suffer in silent embarrassment, worry and discomfort over the rumbling and gurgling - the cramps, bloating and gas, the constipation or diarrhoea.

If your digestive tract isn’t operating efficiently, you have too few friendly bacteria and an overabundance of the bad stuff, so your body doesn’t make use of all the nutrients you’re feeding it. Read more about digestive issues here.


Is lack of sleep giving you bags under your eyes? Are you so sleep-deprived that the only way you can get through the morning is by drinking a triple espresso? Not being able to sleep affects everyone at some point in their life and about 10% of the population suffer from insomnia that continues for six months or more. Read more here.


The menopausal phase of life is a time of huge change for many women. The physical and emotional changes can be overwhelming, debilitating and extremely frustrating. Many women experience a rollercoaster ride of symptoms during menopause. Click here to learn more.

Stress, Fatigue, Exhaustion

People with adrenal fatigue will have to drag themselves out of bed, drag themselves through the day, get a burst of energy around 6-7 pm, followed by sleepiness at 9pm, which is often resisted. They then get a “second wind” at 10-11pm that often keeps them from falling asleep until 1-2am. The whole exhaustion cycle begins again the next day. Click here to learn more.



Osteoarthritis is a disease mainly characterized by degenerative processes of the articular cartilage. Changes also involve the synovial membrane, joint capsule, ligaments, muscles and tendons. It is a gradual decay that most often affects the weight bearing joints (knees, hips, and spinal joints) and the joints of the hand.

The condition occurs when cartilage begins to fray, wear, and decay. The underlying bone starts to thicken as a response to the increasing stress, and bone spurs are formed. Read more about how we can help with arthritis pain...click here.

Adrenal Glands...I'm Exhausted!

When your adrenal glands are fatigued your entire body may suffer from extreme exhaustion, producing aches, pains, tiredness, headaches, feelings of emotional vulnerability, allergies, weight gain, and even infertility. This is why it’s one of the first things a well trained Kinesiologist/Neuro-Trainer will check for. Read more here.

Hormonal Imbalances

Some of the most common symptoms of hormonal imbalances are:

  1. Persistent weight gain. 
  2. Belly fat and loss of muscle mass.                         
  3. Low libido. 
  4. Fatigue. 
  5. Anxiety, irritability and depression. 
  6. Insomnia and poor sleep patterns. 
  7. Sweating. 
  8. Digestion problems. 
  9. Cravings.

Read more about hormonal imbalances here.

Immunity, Colds & Flu

The common cold is caused by an acute viral infection. Bacterial infections occur in our nose and throat as a result of a virus. Secondary symptoms such as sinus, ear infections and bronchitis can become more serious than the initial cold. But why do some people get colds and viruses and others don’t? Click here to read more.

Belly Fat

Belly fat is a major concern for both men women. Not because we all want to have six-pack abs, but because we want to feel good in our clothes, and in our bodies. We don’t want to look pregnant if we aren’t and we don’t want to wear “mum jeans” to cover up the bulge.

Look here to know in detail about Weight loss.

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