Treatment Options

We offer a range of treatments to nurture and support your body's natural recovery & recuperation.

Our range of treatment options means we can tailor your recovery plan to exactly what your body needs. We use a combination of the different modalities to rebalance your nervous system and help you to make the positive changes you need in your life to feel happy and well.

Lots of Treatment Options to choose from

Kinesiology & Neuro Training

Kinesiology uses a muscle test to register your imbalances. Your muscles are connected to your nervous system, which in turn is connected to your subconscious. All of your imbalances are reflected in your nervous system and identified by a change in your muscle more


Homeopathy is a form of holistic medicine used by over 200 million people worldwide to treat both acute and chronic conditions. It is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’ – in other words, a substance taken in small amounts will cure the same symptoms it causes if it was taken in large more

Nutritional Medicine

To get the best out of life and feel happy and healthy we need to balance what we want and what we need. There is a profound difference between what we choose to eat and what our body needs us to more



Naturopathy is a preventative approach to health care – it aims to balance the body so that illness is less likely to occur in the future. Naturopathy investigates diet, lifestyle, family background and environment, in order to discover the cause of illness and treat the whole person, rather than target the symptoms more

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a form of alternative treatment that includes the use of different plants and plant extracts. Herbal medicine is one of the oldest forms of health care. Use of herbs has been practiced for several centuries to cure a number of illnesses. Herbal medicines can be taken in the form of tablets, extracts, teas, essential oils or more

Look here to know in detail about naturopathy.



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