Allergy Testing

An allergy is an abnormally heightened sensitivity to a substance (allergen) that is brought into contact with the body. Allergens contact the body either by ingestion in the intestine, the lungs or absorption through the skin.

There is such an incredible number of allergens that they are almost unlimited; they may be drug induced, from pollen and moulds, animal fur, dandruff, bacteria, foods, smoke, pollution and the list goes on; and in some people allergic reactions occur continuously.

Quite often people have specific allergies, that they are not aware of, that cause ongoing health ailments. The first step is to carry out a series of tests that determine what a person is allergic to, so that specific treatment can be done to improve one’s health.


This information is identifyed via a urine or saliva test, and by placing a variety of allergens on you and testing the response of your muscles. Pulse diagnosis may also be used.

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