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My experience of only three sessions at the Renew You wellness centre has been one of complete surprise! I have no more pain, I am re-energised and my life has new meaning. The emotional rebalancing has been the most valuable and positive part.
— E. B. Vic
Within a month I felt more energetic than I had felt in years. Lyndy helped me so much I felt normal again.
— L.D. Rye
I walked out pain free! No pain at all, and I have had no trouble since.
— R. V. Hawthorn
My 2 year old daughter had eczema on her back from her neck to her bottom and I had tried everything and everyone to clear it. So I took her to see Lyndy and within 2 weeks it was gone. Completely gone!
— G.N. Seaford
I am able to live a normal life again and my doctor has taken me off my medication. I no longer need surgery. I owe Lyndy so much.
— C .D. Sorrento
Watching Lyndy in action is both impressive & reassuring and instills confidence that you are in good hands.
— N.C. Rye
Recommend Lyndy over and over again!
— D.B. Sorrento

I have been seeing Lyndy initially for nervous ticks.
I can say that after my first treatment the ticks were gone and it has been about 10 weeks now and they have not returned. I would recommend Lyndy she has great credentials and a lot of experience.
I think that you cannot just go for one session I have been to four now and I have never felt better and will continue to see Lyndy in the future. 
-  DE Sommerville
 Hi Lyndy, You won't remember me, I came to see you many years ago and you changed my life. I have had a real calling to let you know this lately. Hence the reason for reaching out. Since I last saw you I have become a Kinesiologist too and I run my own clinic in Essendon. I felt it was important to let you know as I often wonder about some of my one off clients and not knowing if they were able to make changes in their lives. You gave me clarity around my fertility issues which enabled me to let go and achieve other things in my life. So from the bottom of my heart thank you.
- Dee Essendon

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