Nutritional Medicine

You are what you eat most of!

To get the best out of life and feel happy and healthy we need to balance what we want and what we need. There is a profound difference between what we choose to eat and what our body needs us to eat.

To function optimally, our body needs protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre, water, sunshine, fresh air, exercise, love, laughter, friends and a feeling of well being.

It also needs support to help detoxify the pesticides, heavy metals, trans fatty acids, allergens, toxins, excess sugar, coffee, alcohol and additives in our diet that undermine our energy, fertility and immunity. If our detoxification abilities are poor then our ability to fight disease is reduced significantly. The proper choices of food keep us healthy and allow us to detoxify our system with nutritional medicine.

Health is maintained by choosing the foods according to your individual needs which in turn helps your body fight disease and stay young and healthy.

Nutritional Medicine

We will help you understand -

  • which foods are best for you 
  • what nutrition your diet is supplying 
  • what your body needs to function optimally
  • how to maintain your immunity & energy
  • how to break down toxic fat stores.

By using your blood type as a guide to your  food choices and testing any sensitivies or allergies, we will reduce your inflammation and improve your digestion and so your health.

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