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Kinesiology & Neuro Training uses a muscle test to register your imbalances. Your muscles are connected to your nervous system, which in turn is connected to your subconscious. All of your imbalances are reflected in your nervous system and identified by a change in your muscle response. Once the cause of the problem is identified, Kinesiology then seeks the best solution to enhance your own natural healing.

The skill of the Kinesiologist is muscle monitoring. This technique relies on the fact that your muscles are connected to your nervous system, which in turn is connected to your brain. Anything that registers in your brain as a stress is reflected in your nervous system and in your muscles.

Kinesiology is done using specific challenges that will reveal what stresses you. The responses that show in your nervous system can be verified by the Kinesiologist by using the change of response in your muscles.

This can be any kind of stress – health, finances, relationships, goals, specific events in your life, inherited patterns, learning difficulties, anything at all. After revealing the cause of the stress, kinesiology can then reveal the most appropriate solution - i.e. the best way for you to resolve this particular problem.

Kinesiology And Neuro Training

Kinesiology works with mental and emotional stresses, physical problems, injuries and illnesses, energy issues and more.

Who is Kinesiology for

Kinesiology is for anyone of any age, who wishes to improve their heath, remove stress from their life, find a solution to a problem, achieve a goal, improve personal potential, feel better about themselves, regain their personal power, experience freedom and enhance their joy in living. Solution orientated Kinesiology uses a system where the individual person is able to direct their own process through the natural laws of healing.


Neuro Training


Neuro-Training is a fairly new modality incorporating references and procedures that best complement our inherent strength and vitality. It is a new way of experiencing the integration of many modalities that have existed for decades or even centuries. 

The development of Neuro-Training has been motivated by the needs of thousands of clients demanding there be a better way to overcome their life challenges. Neuro-Training has accumulated the results of using Kinesiology and other sciences that have proven to be effective in helping people change their lives, as well as integrating the principles that these sciences are based on neurology.


How we think and behave has become encapsulated by the study of Neuro-Science, and a big part of Neuro-Training uses the advances in Neuro-Science as primary references in how it is used and developed. Neuro-Training educates the person and their nervous system in such a way as to be able to change at a very primal and organic way with and without the need for the use of Kinesiology. 

For all of us, life and the experiences we have in life, condition us in certain ways. As a result we often get caught up in doing the same thing, the same way without much thought. If this conditioning is not ideal, you can become sick, confused, stressed or worse, continue to live those unsupportive habits of your ancestry. This not only includes your health patterns, but also how you think, act and respond.


Neuro-Training ‘re-conditions’ how your subconscious and your nervous system view your life experience. It also re-trains the patterns of how your subconscious thinks your life should be. Neuro-Training allows you to move beyond your challenges and expand your life metaphor by focusing on Training you rather than by trying to find a 'fix for a problem'. With this in mind we do not focus on health or health issues, but rather on helping the nervous system to learn how to recuperate from the 'conditioning' it has created, as a consequence of life experiences. 


For all of us, our view of life is based on our own perception. We all see life through our own filters and our own biased view. If these perceptions work against us, we are not able to access and use our natural inborn intelligence and excel as best we can.

If our perceptions have been clouded from a young age, we spend years compensating for these misperceptions. This has a domino effect on many aspects of our life. It effects who we think we are, it even affects, the growth of our own identity. As a result, many people go through life and realize at a mature age, that they don’t even know themselves. 

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